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Getting installment loans online has become more common than ever. Understanding how these loans work, though, is still something with which many borrowers struggle. The good news is that these loans are very simple and very common. Once you understand what they are and how they work, you should also be able to understand how these loans can benefit you. Using installments is a great way to maximize your cash flow while still allowing you to make the large purchases that are necessary for your life.

What is an Installment Loan?

The installment loans definition is fairly simple. You have probably taken out one of these loans without ever knowing the term. In fact, most of the loans that you’ll take out during your life actually fall under this category. This loan is for a fixed amount, and it’s paid out in installments. While the term isn’t necessarily used that often, you see these loans in all walks of life. When you take out a mortgage on a house, borrow money for a car, or even take out certain types of school loans, you’ll be taking out this type of loan.

It’s also important to remember that this type of loan generally has a fixed interest rate over its lifetime. That means that these loans are also loans that have fixed payments. It’s easiest to contrast this type of loan against revolving credit accounts, which have payments that vary depending on how much of the credit line that you have used. These loans come to an end once the principle and all of the accrued interest has been paid out, making them loans with a finite end date.

How Do Installment Loans Work?

Whether you get your installment loans online or from a more traditional lender, the process is generally going to be the same. You will work with a lender to determine exactly how much money you would like to borrow and then you’ll set up a schedule of payments so that you know exactly when the loan will be paid off.

These typically come with at least two payments. This allows the borrower to pay off a large purchase over a longer amount of time. Small installment loans typically get paid off in a matter of weeks or months, while larger loans may take decades to pay off. What’s important is that there is an agreed-upon timeframe for paying off these loans that is set up at the very beginning of the lending relationship.

Every time you make a payment on your loan, you’ll pay off part of the principle as well as any interest generated on the loan amount. This allows you not only to see your progress while you pay off your loan, but it also allows a borrower to see the benefits of paying off the loan early. Because the schedule is already in place, you will know what’s being saved when you make extra payments.

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Some, but not all, of these loans do have a slightly larger or smaller final payment amount. These payments tend to differ either because the principle of the loan was not easily divisible into a specific number of payments or because of certain fees that were attached to the loan over its lifetime. As such, many of these loans tend to require the borrower to directly contact the lender when and if the borrower chooses to pay off the remaining balance on the account early.

It should be noted that all of these loans do require an application process. There is no such thing as no credit installment loans, though you may be able to find installment loans for poor credit rating. If you see an advertisement for installment loans no credit check needed, you should be wary – when done correctly, these loans follow the same basic processes as any other type of loan on the market.

How Installment Loans are Used

Online installment loans and traditional loans are used for a variety of purchases. The most common reason that people choose to use these loans is that they know that they will be able to pay for a purchase over time, but they also know that they either do not have access to the required liquid assets or they know that paying all at once would cause some type of financial harm in the future. For many, this is the most responsible way to pay for a major purchase without getting into any type of money problems in the future.

For others, this type of loan works because making the purchase all at once just isn’t realistic. This is typically for those buying homes, for example, since few people have hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash available. Installments are also a good idea for those taking out business loans. A consumer can pay off the balance as the business begins to bring in more money. In most cases, taking out a loan based on installments simply gives the individual or the business time to get its affairs in order without having to spend all of its cash at all once.

Finally, these loans are also often used by people who are looking to build up their credit scores. Credit agencies look very favorably on people who make their payments on time, so taking out a loan that can be paid off over several installments can be great for building up one’s credit history and favorably shifting the balance of an individual’s on-time payment percentage. Though it’s rarely a good idea to take out a loan just to take out a loan, making payments on installment can be a good strategy for those looking to gain a stronger credit score.

Comparing Installment Loans to Payday Advances

Qualified applicants searching for installment loans up to $5,000 can compare products using a loan comparison site. After filling in a simple, secure application, the system may take only a few minutes to try to connect you with a lending partner.

If you are connected to a partner, they may eventually make you an offer and state their terms. After you agree to their terms and are approved for an installment loan, you are given the option to sign the loan agreement. Typically, funds will be deposited in as little as one business day.

If approved, you can have the funds to cover unexpected medical costs, home repairs, or whatever financial issues you currently face.

On the other hand, payday loans are for much smaller amounts. An applicant cannot usually ask for more than $500. The process of requesting a payday loan online is very similar to asking for an installment loan. However, those who are approved for a payday loan will have a much shorter amount of time in which to pay it back -- usually around two weeks, or until their next paycheck arrives.

Which Should I Choose -- Payday Loans or Installment Loans?

Choosing between a big loan or a small one can be as easy as figuring out how much money you need. If you need a larger amount, then the choice will be pretty obvious. You will need to go with an installment loan for your credit needs that are over $1,000.

Try to pay back the loan as fast as possible no matter which product you end up choosing. Installment loans can end up being expensive if you pay it back on the designated due date. Pay it back sooner, and you may save a lot of money in interest. Even if loan legislation allows for payday options in your area, you may be better off with an installment loan if you can pay it back in the same time period, as this may result in the loan being cheaper.

The Advantages of Using an Installment Loan

How do installment loan advantages compare to the disadvantages?

There are many benefits to using installment loans to cover emergency financial situations.

Reasonable Interest Rate

The best, of course, is that a good installment-based loan program that has a reasonable interest rate is a reasonable way to make larger purchases. If most people had to buy cars or homes with cash advance, there would be far fewer people making purchases at all. Choosing to take out a loan is simply the most reasonable way to get access to larger items that you can still afford when given a chance. These loans have become such a normal part of life that they are considered vital to the economy.


These loans are also very beneficial because they are predictable. When you sign up for this type of loan, you’ll know exactly how much money you’ll spend and exactly when each payment will be. There are no surprises with this type of loan, so you can base your finances around the loans with few problems. They’re a great tool for those who need money but who also want to be able to budget more effectively. If you can read the loan disclosure form, you’ll know what you’re getting into with this type of loan.

Fixing Finances

Installments are also great for those who are trying to get their finances back into reasonable shape. In addition to being great credit builders, they are great tools for those who are learning how to budget, as long as the installment payment is affordable. Since the borrower knows exactly when the payment comes out each month and the exact amount of each payment, he or she should be able to use that payment as a cornerstone of their budgeting process.

Taking out installment loans online is easier than you might imagine. The product is common across the financial industry. You will absolutely have to pass a credit check to get one of these loans. If you do your research, you may be able to find a lender who will help you to get the loan you need. Make sure to do your research so that you understand what you are getting into before you make any type of agreement.

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